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Muscle Guarding release – Expand your range of motion

Muscle Guarding is classified as a protective response that results from pain or fear of movement and treated through induced or natural relaxation of the muscle. Floatation is the natural form for reducing or eliminating muscle guarding. Massage assists in the relaxation of the muscle.

As a general note, reduction of muscle guarding can be seen within 3 treatments whilst the commencement of elimination from 8 – 12 treatments.

Service Duration Muscle Guarding Float Massage Discount Charges/AED
Massage and Floatation 120 mins 3 3 3 5% 1425 AED
8 8 8 10% 3600 AED
12 12 12 15% 5100 AED
16 16 16 20% 6400 AED

Strictly Massage

Our therapists are trained in a large range of massage therapies both oil and dry and will discuss your outcome requirements before treating. A complimentary consultation with the doctor and complimentary floatation session are also available.

Service Duration No. Treatments Charges/AED
Massage 60 mins 5 1400 AED
60 mins 8 2000 AED
60 mins 12 3000 AED

Zero Gravity Package: Re-discover a whole new YOU through floatation, steam and massage

Our individually planned and supported program focuses on your desire for change in your lifestyle from weight loss, self confidence, reduction of mental and emotional anxiety, courage or simply looking for new goals and targets. Our teamis committed to supporting this change and with your commitment great things can happen. The methodology incorporates a chat and added support with the center doctor plus; floatation, steam, vigorous body and relaxing head massage, herb, and oils all to assist in the calming of the emotional, mental and physical changes during this period.

Service Duration No. Treatments Charges/AED
Float Steam Body Work 180 mins 1 700 AED
4 2200 AED
8 4400 AED
12 6600 AED

Hydrate in the heat – Feel vibrant inside and out

During the hot season it is important to be hydrated inside and outside the body. Point Zero Center has devised a simple package for you which can be utilized during this hot season.

Apart from the health factor, well hydrated bodies have less wrinkles, fresh skin and a less toxic system.

Service Duration No. Treatments Charges/AED
Floatation and Ayurveda hydrating oil massage 120 mins 4 2000 AED
8 3600 AED
Without Floatation Each Massage 280 AED

Royal Retreat Package

Begin with an Ayurveda Garshana Silk Glove exfoliation to soften and beautify the body, followed by Muscle Release or Jet Lag massage. These treatments can be combined with first floating after discussion with the center doctor.

This Luxurious Signature treatment has been specifically designed to treat your entire body, mind and soul.

Traditional healing Ayurveda meets specially designed medically orientated techniques to ensure that your psychological and physical concerns are catered for. The entire experience is focused on creating a new dimension of relaxation, increasing overall well being, detoxifying the entire system and relaxing sore and stiff muscles, completed with an enlightening herbal Tea.

Service Duration Charges/AED
Ayurvedic Doctor’s Consultation 30 mins 200 AED
Full Body Massage 60 mins 400 AED
Specialised Facial 60 mins 550 AED
Trigger Point Reflexology 30 mins 320 AED
Floatation Experience 60 mins 350 AED
Total: 4 hours for AED 1,820
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