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Ayurveda, is a traditional healing system which originated from the Vedic era some 5,000 years ago. This methodology believes that all parts of life within our universe are a combination of three energy elements called doshas. We can further understand our reactions and responses, changing any aspects of ourselves which is not true to our self. A broad outline of typical personalities through the doshas is below.

Air (Vata)

Creative, slender and highly strung: prone to suffer from insomnia and hates confrontation

Fire (Pitta)

Ambitious, focused and of medium build; can be irritable or argumentative

Earth (Kapha)

Slow-moving, curvaceous and placid; tends to put on weight easily and dislikes change

Our doctor, who specialized in Ayurveda medicine, studied and worked in private and public hospitals before moving to Dubai and further Abu Dhabi. She is HAAD registered and is available for any queries and consultation.

She notes that disease occurs when there is deviation from a person’s natural and individual doshic type making way for the recessive dosha to dominate. Traditional pure medicine and individual massage combinations using natural oils and products harness the body’s own ability to balance and heal itself.Balance simply means making all your wishes come true within a guideline of respecting your body. Not to judge yourself too harshly and to remember that Ayurveda is about harmony and well-being first and foremost.

Our friends at Yatan-Ayur in Australia have allowed us to use their chart whilst we create our own similar in order for you to begin to understand your body in the ayurvedic way.


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