Point Zero
Floatation Center
Since 2004

Health is essentially our natural state of being; the word health itself is derived from the words “whole”, “uninjured” and “in a good state”

Point Zero believes in preventative measures to support your lifestyle as well as desired solutions to goals, on-going ailments and disease. Take a look at our classic and individual services plus a range of value packages including muscle guarding and lifestyle change.

Body & Face

Point Zero’s range of body work is well known already among regulars. Scientific research advise that with the enhancement of first floating in zero gravity the body has the ability to recoup and heal quicker. Body work and massage assists and supports this process. Click here for Price List

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Point Zero chose to work with Ayurveda as it correlates with floatation by the simple knowledge and belief that deep relaxation and a conscious lifestyle management benefit and support the physical, emotional, mental, ethereal elements of the body and systems. Click here for Price List

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Special Offers

A range of packages to suit your lifestyle.

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Individual Combinations

We at Point Zero understand each body is unique and some people prefer or need individual attention. After consultation with the doctor and discussion with your therapist a package is designed and monitored specifically for your needs.

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