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Thank you to our guests who allowed us to quote their responses.

“Who wouldn’t want to float!”
– SM, Abu Dhabi
“The float part took some getting used to. Initially, I had to open and shut the door a few times before laying down to get comfortable in the space. The first time it took me about 20-30 minutes to relax at all, then, I don’t know I drifted off. I suggest for newbees.. try different ways to put your arms and hands.”
– Anne, Raha Gardens, Khalifa City
“My preference is the Muscle Guarding package, it’s good value – suits me perfectly, and the therapists putting me back together so I can enjoy full range of my arms.”
– AP, Khalifa City
“I like to look after my body and the center doctor has supported me to change my diet and the way I approach my life. Come to Riyadh soon please.”
– Nancy, Riyadh
“After 29 years of working as an airline attendant, it is a great relief to discover an antidote to burn-out. Your doctor gave me some sound nutritional advice.”
– Wai-Hin, Etihad Plaza
“The first time my neck hurt and shoulder was really sore after floating – which I am told is normal as the body relaxes deeply like it never has before. The second time, not so much, 3rd or 4th it’s all changed and now… bliss. I can see Why Wayne Rooney floats. Myself I am back playing rugby again.”
– Enrico, AD
“For several days I was in a better mood calmer than my usual self. As a working professional and mother of two very young kids that extra dose of patience is very precious to me.”
– Expat, New York
“My first visit to Point Zero was a gift certificate for a float/massage promotion. I had no expectations at first and now feel I have found the secret to self-appreciation.”
– MH, Italy/Abu Dhabi
“Being a skeptic yet stressed out of all proportion, I was pulled to float by my wife. Now, its part of my routine and good value as we get the 16+4 package so we can share and hand out floats as gifts to our friends. Good value thanks Point Zero.”
– Simon, Al Bandar
“I feel like it opens up your mind to the higher self …. is it possible that the float experience gives one a sense of peace, which affects the decision making process? I also am on a roll and want to get back in the tank asap…while I have all these ideas.”
– Vikki, Journalist, UAE
“My first session in a float device was pretty trippy. Once the door closed I had a mini-panic attack because I couldn’t see anything and wanted my phone… then, I can’t really remember. Feel very alive now.”
– Brian. AD
“The most relaxing experience imaginable.”
– Olivia, Khalifa City
“I will most definitely be going back. I know the drive, time and money are worth it – it’s all worth it.”
– Josh, Dubai
“Two hours seemed like thirty minutes. The next day I noticed I was happy; really happy, much happier than I had felt in months. I live with ADD and this has helped me slowly understand myself a bit more.”
– Omar, Mussafah
“I was just talking about floatation…thank you so much, I absolutely loved it. I mean LOVED IT!! I felt very confident and grounded afterwards. There is this certain confidence that didn’t feel superficial. I also felt beautiful afterwards, as corny as that sounds, but how often do we ever get that true sense of ourselves?”
– Kareem, Al Muneera
“This is the quickest route to a lucid-dream state I have ever experienced.”
– HM, Abu Dhabi
“I can congratulate you on bringing floatation to UAE but if you don’t mind for this time I prefer to praise Pop, your female therapist – she knows exactly what is needed and is not pushy!”
– Sarah, Al Bateen
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