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“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are”
Marilyn Monroe
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It is common to lack self-esteem at different stages of our life and sometimes we create armory with climates in not knowing ourselves; who we are or what we feel. ‘Psychology Todaynote that possessing little self-regard can lead people to become depressed, to fall short of their potential, or to tolerate abusive situations and relationships. Too much self-love, on the other hand, results in an off-putting sense of entitlement and an inability to learn from failures. To strike a balance between accurate self-knowledge and respect for who we truly are can take time therefore; being equal to situations and each other is preferable outcome.

Floatation proves that through deep resting without outside influences creates: awareness of our self; minimizes arousal of positive and negative thought processes and therefore helping the body to feel comfortable in its own skin. Ayurveda, body touch and alignment support the way we look at ourselves from the inside and out releasing stagnated energy and balancing the doshas.

On a biochemical level, one can discuss deficiency of endorphin’s and numerous receptor sites jumping around our body. Yale biochemist Philip Applewhite makes a comment that “those with more endorphin’s released with certain activities may be happier about any given situation or event in their lives than those with fewer endorphin’s…. All things being equal, the differences among people in how happy they are may well reflect differences in how the pleasure center of the hypothalamus functions.

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